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Responsive Communications in the Document Industry

on Wed, 2013/04/24 - 10:43

Last week was very interesting at the Xplor 2013 conference in Tampa, Florida. Xplor calls itself the "Electronic Document … Association", so the most vendors in document industry were there. Many spoke about multi-channel, just addressing ways to electronically deliver the same documents that otherwise would be printed. My session was about The Impact of Mobile Devices on your Communications Strategy.

One of the important notes that I made was that we should really stop talking about documents and instead start using communications.

Google Glass Skepticism

on Tue, 2013/03/12 - 19:56

Google Glass gets a lot of positive news lately. And I think the vision of Google is great. But I'm very skeptic about it in the coming years, mainly because I've never had a voice recognition work properly for me. This may be because of the lack of Dutch voice recognition (and then especially Flemish voice recognition since it is pronounced different than Dutch of the Netherlands.) Howver, even for native English speakers it doesn't seem to work: Even for demo's that seem to be well prepared and are very basic in terms of which commands are given to Glass, it goes wrong (for example at 0:18


Why I decided to buy an electrical (plugin hybrid) car

on Fri, 2013/03/01 - 21:08

Currently I drive a 7 year old Land Rover Discovery 3. Huge car, loads of trunk space, very comfortable driving. I had a great time with it, driving it to many offroad places. A big downside though is that it consumes a lot of fossil fuel and this emits a lot of CO2.

About two years ago I read the free book "Sustainable Energy – without the hot air" by David MacKay FRS, a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. It's a great book about the energy problems and potential solutions.

Getting active again?

on Wed, 2013/02/27 - 21:40

Lately I feel a need to start expressing myself in pieces of text longer than 140 characters. Many things, all very positive, are happening in my live. My kids are getting older, we're building our own house with a focus on low energy consumption, profesionally we've 'graduated' to become majority shareholders and became co-CEO in Inventive Designers.

I hope I'll find the inspriation, but especially the need to publish some of my thoughts online.

I know, never write about not blogging. We'll see where it leads to.